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Springfield XD & XD(M) XD 45 ACP Full/Compact/Sub
XD9 and XD40 Green Lasers
Crimson Trace Laser Sights For Springfield Armory

Springfield Armory has been a part of American history since 1777 when it began storing muskets and cannons for the Revolutionary Army. My how times have changed. Today Springfield Armory USA offers a complete line of precision rifles and pistols based on classic designs, and the XD line is one of the hottest handguns on the market. And now Crimson Trace brings to the XD the precision of Lasergrips laser sight technology.

Crimson Trace LTG-746
Our Price: $141.99
8 in stock!

Lightguard for Springfield Full Size XD(M) & XD
Fits: Springfield Armory XD(m) and XD Full-Size (Tactical & Service)*
* Except Gen 1 with single rail notch

Polymer Construction, Front Activation

Crimson Trace LG-448
Our Price: $179.99
38 in stock!

Laserguard for Springfield XD(M) & XD
Fits: Springfield Armory XD(m) and XD in All Sizes and Calibers.
*Except Tactical (5") and Service (4") XD Gen1 with single rail notch.

Hard Polymer Grip, Front Activation

Crimson Trace LG-469
Our Price: $179.99
51 in stock!

Crimson Trace Laserguard for Springfield XD-S
Fits: Springfield Armory XD-S Pistols

Laserguard, Front Activation

Crimson Trace LG-445
Our Price: $269.99
7 in stock!

Lasergrips for Springfield XD 45 ACP, Full-Size & Compact
Fits Full-Size, Compact, and Sub-Compact XD in .45 ACP only.
* Does not fit XDM series or models with ambidextrous safety

Polymer Grip, Front Activation

Crimson Trace LG-446
Our Price: $269.99
20 in stock!

Lasergrips for Springfield XD Full-Size & Compact
Fits Full-Size, Compact, and Sub-Compact XD in 9mm, .357 SIG, .40 S&W, .45 GAP.  *Except .45 ACP and XDM series.

Polymer Grip, Front Activation

Crimson Trace LG-487
Our Price: $269.99
11 in stock!

Lasergrips for Springfield XD(M) Full-Size
Fits Springfield Armory XD(M) Full-Size Frames Only
* Including... 3.8, 4.5, 5.25

Polymer Grip, Rear Activation

Crimson Trace LG-453
Our Price: $269.99
14 in stock!

Crimson Trace Green Laser for Springfield XD and XD(M) Full-Size
Fits Springfield XD and XD(M) Full-size Only

Green Laser, Front Activation

Crimson Trace LG-912
Our Price: $309.99
6 in stock!

Crimson Trace Lasergrips For Springfield EMP
Precision Built Master Series Lasergrips  

Red Laser, Front Activation