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Crimson Trace Lasers Give You Instant Accuracy

The conversation topic: "Do Crimson Trace Laser Sights have a place in the world of handguns and personal defense?" The answer has long been a resounding, "YES!".

Today the specific question has become: "How much more effective with a firearm will a laser sight make me?" The answer? Short and sweet...Crimson Trace LasergripsĀ® and LaserguardĀ® provides you with instant and overwhelming advantages with a gun in your hand. Advantages you wouldn't otherwise have.

In general, handguns are compact firearms that can be difficult to aim effectively.

Crimson Trace lasers offer the advantage of consistent and accurate
output. This translates into increased confidence and pistol shooting
accuracy. Even in tense and threatening scenarios, when hours and hours
of vigilant
training can disappear in a haze of panic and confusion.

It's no secret that shooters of all skill levels own laser sights.
But what's less understood is that everyone can become a better shot with the advanced technology and top-tier engineering of Crimson Trace's
always expanding line of laser sighting products.

LG-412 LG-403 LG-415G LG-434
Crimson Trace LG-412
Our Price: $179.99
43 in stock!
Crimson Trace LG-403
Our Price: $231.99
8 in stock!
Crimson Trace LG-415G
Our Price: $309.99
31 in stock!
Crimson Trace LG-434
Our Price: $179.99
4 in stock!
LG-402M LG-307 lg-447 LG-389
Crimson Trace LG-402M
Our Price: $314.99
9 in stock!
Crimson Trace LG-307
Our Price: $249.99
3 in stock!
Crimson Trace LG-447
Our Price: $179.99
21 in stock!
Crimson Trace LG-389
Our Price: $269.99
13 in stock!
LG-489G LG-851 LG-401 LG-405H
Crimson Trace LG-489G
Our Price: $249.99
21 in stock!
Crimson Trace LG-851
Our Price: $234.99
5 in stock!
Crimson Trace LG-401
Our Price: $269.99
10 in stock!
Crimson Trace LG-405H
Our Price: $259.99
6 in stock!
LG-426M LG-344 LG-401P16 LG-326
Crimson Trace LG-426M
Our Price: $314.99
1 in stock!
Crimson Trace LG-344
Our Price: $249.99
5 in stock!
Crimson Trace LG-401P16
Our Price: $294.99
2 in stock!
Crimson Trace LG-326
Our Price: $269.99
15 in stock!